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Edoardo Pasca

Due to temporary closure of landau, my page is hosted by Mau!

Software Projects and attempts...

mePhoto cvs release: CVS

meBiblio: mysql web interface to connect to a bibliographic database, written in php.meBiblio helps in organizing your references database and provides an easy way to retrieve the stored files. It also easily creates the bibliography for a LaTeX document.

Carbonara Project : down because landau is off line.


Abandoned project:edolib release 0.5.5b!!! download: use sed+awk+tr instead!!!

Watch Edo at Kamerlingh-Onnes Laboratory


Cineforum da Edo


Work in progress


Spettacolo di Sabina Guzzanti 23 novembre 2003

Sei un dottorando dell'Universita' di Firenze?